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Image Waiting for Bojangles

Waiting for Bojangles

Release Date 2022-01-05
Runtime 124 minutes
Genres Drama, Romance, Comedy
Stars Virginie Efira, Romain Duris, Grégory Gadebois, Éliza Maillot, Bénédicte Charton
Directors Olivier Delbosc, Guillaume Schiffman, Jean-Pierre Guérin, Elsa Pharaon, Laurent Couraud

In front of their little boy, Camille and Georges dance on their favorite song "Mr Bojangles". With them, there is only place for fun and fantasy. The one who shows the way is the mother, an unpredictable wisp. She leads them into a whirlwind of poetry so that the party continues again and again, no matter what happens. Mad love has never lived up to its name so well.