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Image The Damage Report with John Iadarola

The Damage Report with John Iadarola

Release Date 2022-02-25
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres News, War & Politics
Stars John Iadarola, Francesca Fiorentini, Jayar Jackson, Brett Erlich

Welcome to The Damage Report with John Iadarola, your daily breakdown of the true threats and challenges facing our country and our world. John Iadarola hosts an unflinching, no-holds-barred look at the damage the Trump administration is causing.

1. January 3, 2022


Twitter permanently suspends Marjorie Taylor Greene’s account. Far-right figures plan Jan. 6 vigils to honor accused insurrectionists. TX Governor Greg Abbott begs for federal covid aid. Dr. Fauci says the CDC could amend its new isolation guidelines. Hilary Clinton blames progressives for future election losses. Donald Trump endorses Hungarian autocrat Viktor Orban. AOC responds to creepy comments made about her boyfriend’s FEET. A Missouri news anchor reveals a racist voicemail she received.

2. January 4, 2022


The January 6 committee reveals Trump’s social media strategy to spread ’The Big Lie”. Virginia motorists are trapped for up to 19 hours as a snowstorm rages across the D.C. area. Airbnb announces efforts to prevent racism on the platform. New data shows the devastating impact of the pandemic on children. A New York teacher is arrested after allegedly vaccinating one of her son’s teenage friends. Dan Crenshaw feuds with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Former Trump advisor Peter Navarro promotes an election fraud board game.

3. January 5, 2022


Trump cancels his January 6 anniversary event. The 1/6 committee reveals texts from Sean Hannity. Chicago teachers vote to return to remote learning. The Albany DA drops its criminal complaint against former Governor Andrew Cuomo. Jesse Watters attacks young people for taking Covid precautions. Kyle Rittenhouse considers a book describing his “unorthodox journey into adulthood.” Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman meets with Turkish President Erdogan. A new French law encourages alternatives to cars. MIT scientists predict more hurricanes in midlatitude regions. South Korean authorities warn of cats starting kitchen fires. US covid numbers hit a record high of more than 1 million.

4. January 6, 2022


Joe Biden speaks on the anniversary of the insurrection. Republicans who voted to impeach Trump face primary challenges. Ted Cruz angers supporters by calling 1/6 a terrorist attack. Dozens are killed in Kazakh protests over gas prices. Nate Silver compares school closures to the Iraq war. A hockey fan is awarded a scholarship after warning a staffer he might have skin cancer. Jesse Watters attacks young people for taking Covid precautions.

5. January 7, 2022


Ted Cruz begs for forgiveness after sparking outrage among Jan 6 truthers. Tucker Carlson claims the insurrection “barely rates as a footnote in history”. Donald Trump prepares to launch his ‘Truth Social’ app. A capitol rioter is accused of causing a fatal car crash. GOP lawmakers push natural immunity as an alternative to vaccines.

6. January 10, 2022


A building fire in the Bronx leaves 19 dead. AOC tests positive for Covid-19. Researchers in Cyprus discover a “DeltaCron” covid variant. Senator Ossoff introduces legislation to ban congressional stock trades. Data reveals US emissions are up after a pandemic dropoff. Video shows a LA train obliterate a crashed plane stalled on the tracks. A Texas mother is charged with child endangerment after putting her Covid-positive son in the trunk of her car. Novak Djokovic is allowed entry into Australia. A South Korean presidential candidate proposes government funding for hair loss. Dozens of ostriches run through the streets of China after escaping from a farm.

7. January 11, 2022


Kevin McCarthy threatens to remove Dems from committee assignments if Republicans retake the House. The Biden administration requires insurance companies to provide 8 Covid tests a month. Anti-Vax leader Christopher Key instructs his followers to drink their own urine to combat the virus. An Indiana lawmaker is forced to walk back his comments on fascism. North Carolina voters file suit to bar Madison Cawthorn from running for reelection. Data reveals US emissions are up after a pandemic drop off. 2 LAPD officers are fired after ignoring a robbery to play Pokemon Go. Sarah Palin goes on a bizarre rant against AOC.

8. January 12, 2022


Georgia activists boycott Biden’s voting rights speech. Trump rips “gutless” politicians who won’t disclose their vaccine status. Ted Cruz tries and fails to appear strong after being humiliated by Tucker Carlson. The WSJ & NYT editorial sections publish INSANELY bad takes. Marjorie Greene suggests it’s time to use the 2nd amendment on Democrats. A Detroit mother is taken into custody after accidentally shooting her 4-year-old child. A Turkish Rancher gives his cows VR headsets. A land mine-sniffing rat dies in retirement. Australia commits to billions of dollars worth of American weapons sales. A cliff collapse in Brazil leaves 10 dead.

9. January 13, 2022


Kamala Harris stumbles through her defense of Biden’s covid strategy. Glenn Beck touts Ivermectin after testing positive for the second time. New reporting reveals Trump allies sent fake certificates to the National Archives. More than 8,000 Kroger workers strike in Colorado. Fox’s Pete Hegseth mocks students advocating for voting rights. A Youtuber’s satirical pro-vaccine rap dupes the far-right. U.K. PM Boris Johnson fights to save his job after Covid party revelations. Paleontologists discover a gigantic “sea dragon” in the English midlands. Turkmenistan’s “Gates Of Hell" sinkhole is ordered to close. A Taliban official claims western women “marry their pets”. A New Zealand man has a cockroach PULLED FROM HIS EAR.

10. January 14, 2022


Kyrsten Sinema effectively kills the Democrats hope of passing voting rights legislation. The Supreme Court blocks OSHA’s covid workplace mandate. Nurses across the US are told to use personal paid time off if they test positive. Hundreds of doctors call on Spotify to hold Joe Rogan accountable for medical misinformation. Oath Keeper founder Stewart Rhodes is arrested for his role in the Capitol Riot. Urologists warn “covid dick” could impact men who contract the virus. A Michigan judge berates a cancer-stricken 72-year-old for not maintaining his front lawn. Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week.

11. January 18, 2022


MLK descendants call out Manchin & Sinema for their opposition to voting rights. New data shows a 14-point swing towards Republican party identification. The family of an Amazon driver killed in last year's tornadoes sues the company. An Oklahoma Megachurch pastor is forced to apologize for spitting on a congregant. Inmates in Arkansas sue the state after being prescribed Ivermectin to treat covid. North-Eastern US states see a marked drop in daily case numbers. Trump claims white people face discrimination in covid treatment.

12. January 19, 2022


Gary Chambers first campaign ad goes viral. New York’s AG reveals evidence of Trump’s tax fraud. Ron DeSantis courts right-wing influencers ahead of a possible 2024 primary challenge. DirectTV announces it will no longer carry One America News Network. Dan Crenshaw loses his temper after being questioned by a 10-year-old girl. Manchin reverses his position on the talking filibuster. Emily’s List announces they will no longer support Kyrsten Sinema. Tucker Carlson demands homeless Americans “get the hell out of here.”

13. January 20, 2022


Voting rights legislation fails to pass the Senate. Joe Biden marks his first year in office with a wide-ranging press conference. The Supreme Court blocks Trump’s bid to hide 1/6 records. The FBI conducts a raid on Representative Henry Cuellar’s Texas home. New data shows Moderna to be the most effective vaccine in protecting against the Delta variant. Youth activists conduct a hunger strike on the steps of the capitol. The Twitter account for “Freedom Phone” continues to tweet from an iPhone.

14. January 21, 2022


New reporting reveals further details about Rudy Giuliani’s role in trying to overturn the 2020 election. The Georgia official who defied Trump calls Dems “the party of stolen election claims”. Nancy Pelosi backtracks on her opposition to a congressional stock trading ban. More information emerges surrounding the FBI raid of Congressman Cuellar’s Texas home. A CIA report finds alternative explanations for most cases of “Havana Syndrome". Lauren Boebert asks Jewish Capitol visitors if they’re there to conduct “reconnaissance.” A Virginia Mother threatens a school board with guns if her children are made to mask-up at school. Twitter responds after M&M’s announce they will make their characters more “inclusive”. Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week.

15. January 24, 2022


The Jan 6th committee requests Ivanka Trump’s cooperation. Donald Trump weighs double endorsements in close Senate races. Sarah Palin’s defamation case against the New York Times is postponed. Thousands of Anti-Vaxxers descend on Washington D.C. The Supreme Court agrees to hear a challenge to affirmative action in college admissions. A male Karen is fired from his job at Merril Lynch after throwing a drink at smoothie shop employees. A Michigan parent accuses her child’s school of installing litter boxes in the bathrooms. Britain's high court rules Julian Assange can appeal his extradition decision. Russian activists publish photos of Putin’s vacation palace. Pakistan’s first female Supreme Court judge is sworn in. Bitcoin’s value drops to its lowest level in months.

16. January 25, 2022


Joe Biden is caught calling Peter Doocey a SOB. Matt Gaetz backs Newt Gingrinch’s plan to punish January 6 investigators. A Florida school district cancels a civil rights lecture over unfounded Critical Race Theory concerns. Super Bowl halftime performers describe their unpaid labour conditions. King Soopers Workers in Colorado win a new contract. A major Texas newspaper switches its endorsement from Henry Cuellar to Jessica Cisneros. Dashcam footage captures a Texas police officer ramming a suspect with his car. Chinese censors alter the ending of a new online release of Fight Club. Paris Hilton & Jimmy Fallon hawk NFTs to confused audience members.

17. January 26, 2022


Nina Turner announces she is running for Congress. Biden assures reporters no American forces are moving into Ukraine. Alex Jones reveals he testified in front of the January 6th committee. Henry Cuellar confirms he will continue his campaign despite the FBI probe against him. Joe Rogan hosts Jordan Peterson for a nonsensical, 4-hour interview. An anti-vax rally goer threatens to kill “anybody that has press on them.” Activision Blizzard refuses to recognize its employee’s union.

18. January 27, 2022


Right-wing media FREAKS OUT over Biden possibly nominating a Black woman to the Supreme Court. A Florida Judge tries to block a 17-year-old’s abortion request over her GPA. New reporting reveals Matt Gaetz was informed he had had sex with a minor. A Tennessee school board bans the teaching of a Pulitzer Prize-winning Holocaust novel. San Jose becomes the first US city to require gun owners to have liability insurance. Youtube permanently bans Dan Bongino from the platform. Spotify sides with Joe Rogan and removes Neil Young's music from its library. The UK bans hymen repair surgery and virginity testing.

19. January 28, 2022


10 people are left injured after a Pittsburgh bridge collapses. New data shows the effect of voter suppression legislation in Georgia. Tiktok users voice suspicion after an Amazon “employee” posts an overwhelmingly positive review of working conditions. Polling shows 70% of American adults do NOT want Trump to run in 2024. A butterfly sanctuary in Texas is forced to close after becoming a target of QAnon Conspiracies. An anti-vax influencer claims covid vaccines can cause “quantum entanglement”. Marvel actress Evangeline Lily reveals she attended the D.C. anti-vax rally. Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week.

20. January 31, 2022


Donald Trump calls for mass protests if he is charged by prosecutors. Spotify announces they will slap “content advisory” warnings on podcasts that promote misinformation. Data shows rent prices have increased over 30% in some US cities. The teen tracking Elon Musk’s private jet turns down 5k from the billionaire to shut down his account. Ben Shapiro tries & fails to indoctrinate children. A British woman claims she was virtually groped in the Metaverse. Mormon missionaries bring Covid to Kiribati. An additional 93 unmarked graves are discovered at a Canadian Residential school.

21. February 1, 2022


California lawmakers decline to vote on single-payer healthcare. Kayleigh McEnany gives evidence to the January 6th committee. New reporting reveals Trump’s role in the plan to seize voting machines. UCLA cancels classes after a former lecturer threatens a mass shooting. FEC filings show Trump-Backed challengers were heavily outraised by their Republican primary opponents. Joe Rogan continues to spread covid misinformation.

22. February 2, 2022


Biden deploys 2,000 troops to Eastern Europe amid Russian escalation. The New York Post attacks progressives fighting for student loan relief. AOC faces criticism after her Supreme Court comments are taken out of context. Leaked messages show the New York Times’ anti-union efforts. Donald Trump attacks Lindsey Graham’s Republican credentials. ABC suspends Whoopi Goldberg after her Holocaust race comments. Anti-Vaxxers push Wormwood as a cure-all for Covid. Fox News is duped by the “Ballsack Sports” Twitter account.

23. February 3, 2022


US Special Forces kill the leader of IS. Joe Biden sings the praises of Mitch McConnell. Tucker Carlson delivers a bizarre defense of Jeff Zucker. Meta faces the largest one-day wipeout in corporate history. Texas schools ban a record number of books. Employees in 54 Starbucks stores pursue union elections. Judges walk off the set of The Masked Singer when Rudy Giuliani is revealed as a contestant. A viral Tiktok suggests the volcanic eruption in Tonga was man made. A South Korean company unveils a face mask that rolls up when users eat or drink. Metaverse “real estate” sales top $500 million. Swedish crows are trained to pick up litter. A bridge in the Netherlands is to be partially demolished so Jeff Bezos’ superyacht can pass.

24. February 4, 2022


Right-Wingers prematurely celebrate the release of what they expect will be low jobs numbers. Former GETTR employees describe a workplace in shambles. USPS reveals their new high-tech trucks only get 8.6 miles per gallon. DHS tests robotic patrol dogs on the US-Mexico border. Marjorie Greene freaks out after vandals target her anti-transgender sign. Amazon workers are forced to dance for a dystopian Tiktok trend. An Oklahoma State Senator proposes fining Teachers 10k for teaching anything that contradicts religion. Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week.

25. February 7, 2022


Joe Rogan and Spotify respond to his past use of the n-word | Donald Trump releases a statement attacking Mike Pence | New reporting reveals White House record boxes were improperly stored at Mar-a-Lago | An Oklahoma State Senator proposes fining Teachers 10k for teaching anything that contradicts religion | Covid reporting wanes as the U.S. surpasses 900,000 deaths

26. February 8, 2022


U.S. states begin to drop their mask mandates for schools | The Supreme Court blocks the creation of a Black majority district in Alabama | The first lady confirms Biden’s community college proposal is off the table | NYC Mayor Eric Adams compares heroin addiction to being “hooked on cheese” | Trump tells Joe Rogan to stop apologizing | Leslie Jones responds after NBC blocks her viral Olympic commentary | Canadian anti-vaxxers continue to occupy Ottawa | Facebook claims they have solved META’s virtual groping problem | Taliban officials send their children to schools outside of Afghanistan | South African scientists create a close replica of Moderna’s covid vaccine

27. February 9, 2022


Mitch McConnell criticizes the RNC for censuring Liz Cheney & Adam Kinzinger | Andrew Cuomo prepares to launch his comeback into NY politics | New reporting reveals Erik Prince’s role in a conservative spy plot | Melania Trump buys her own NFT | The House advances a financial overhaul of the U.S. postal service

28. February 10, 2022


Excerpts from Maggie Haberman’s new book reveal Trump staff regularly discovered documents in WH toilets | An Ohio town scraps its plan for affordable housing after Dave Chapelle threatens to pull his businesses | Nancy Pelosi calls for stock limitations for judicial branch employees | Marjorie Greene confuses Nazis with soup | Dolly Parton’s theme park announces it will pay for its employee’s college tuition.

29. February 11, 2022


President Biden moves to split $7 billion in frozen Afghan funds | Ottawa trucker protesters plan conveys in other cities | Abortions in Texas fall 60% in the month following the implementation of S.B. 8 | Nancy Mace humiliates herself in an attempt to win back Trump voters | STOCK Act violator Tommy Tuberville calls the proposed trading ban “ridiculous”

30. February 14, 2022


Charlie Kirk claims the NFL is “the league of sexual anarchy” | Candace Owens angers her own fans with her halftime show comments | A Melania Trump event is being investigated after promising proceeds to a charity that doesn't appear to exist | Thomas Massie says Americans must own enough weapons to overthrow the government if 30-40% agree on ‘tyranny’ | Activists plan a nationwide labor pause for a “Day Without Immigrants” | New data shows union membership rising among young workers | Polling shows White Women without college degrees are the only subgroup in which the majority believe The Big Lie | Study data reveals Long Covid’s effect on heart health | Dan Bongino is forced to issue a correction after airing a blatantly incorrect segment

31. February 15, 2022


Trump’s longtime accounting firm cuts ties with the former president | The Olympics allows a Russian figure skater to compete despite testing positive for a banned substance | Fox News inaccurately portrays John Durham’s court filing | A Tennessee mother alleges her child’s bible study teacher taught students how to “torture a Jew” | An Arizona pastor resigns after incorrectly performing baptisms for over 20 years | Puerto Rican teachers demand higher pay for public workers | A California prison forces inmates to drink water contaminated with Arsenic | Spanish scientists discover a 5,000-year-old crustal spearhead | South African organizations condemn Moderna’s efforts to derail their vaccine development | Novak Djokovic speaks out after his deportation from Australia

32. February 16, 2022


Fox Hosts double down on their support for the Canadian Trucker protests | AOC sits down for an interview with The New Yorker | Sarah Palin loses her libel lawsuit against The New York Times | New polling reveals what Democrats really think about the party | Sandy Hook families agree to a $73 million settlement with gun maker Remington | LA County lifts its outdoor mask mandate | Donald Trump Jr. shares Trump’s first Truth Social post…on Twitter | Viral video shows cops using excessive force on a Black teen | Video game users complain about peach fuzz on a female character

33. February 17, 2022


China condemns the US seizure of $7 billion in Afghan assets | Viral video shows cops using excessive force on a Black teen | The NYPD tweets, then deletes, a photo of allegedly stolen essentials | Ilhan Omar introduces legislation proposing new restrictions on no-knock warrants | Utah Republicans propose a “commission” to analyze trans kid’s bodies | Disney launches “Storyliving” communities for fans who never want to leave | Video game users complain about peach fuzz on a female character | Tucker Carlson accuses DEMOCRATS of not accepting election losses

34. February 18, 2022


A New York Judge rules Donald Trump must testify in Leticia James’ investigation | New data finds $3.7 million more kids have fallen into poverty without the child tax credit | Democrats blame The Squad for the party’s low approval numbers | A former MadTV actress turned MAGA activist terrorizes a Santa Clarita townhall meeting | John Durham distances himself from Fox’s frenzied coverage of his court filing | Elon Musk tweets, then deletes, a meme comparing Justin Trudeau to Hitler | Researchers discover support for vaccine mandates goes up if the word “mandates” isn’t used | Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week

35. February 21, 2022


AOC responds to Tucker Carlson’s sexist rant | Epstein associate Jean-Luc Brunel is found dead in his Paris prison cell | Trump’s Truth Social crashes shortly after launching | Marjorie Greene complains on Infowars that she’s treated “like a crazy person” | Dr. Oz reverses his position on masks | CPAC announces that Tulsi Gabbard will speak at the conference | The white kid in the Bridgewater Mall fight criticizes the cops' behavior | A viral Tiktok shows a Karen harassing a woman and her dog | Researchers discover support for vaccine mandates goes up if the word “mandates” isn’t used

36. February 22, 2022


Vladimir Putin sends troops into separatist regions of Eastern Ukraine | Neil Cavuto returns to Fox after narrowly surviving a second bout of Covid | Researchers discover support for vaccine mandates goes up if the word “mandates” isn’t used | Florida Senator Rick Scott unveils a truly unhinged policy document | A new study finds a link between “Stand Your Ground” laws and gun homicides | California officials hunt down a 500 lb bear breaking into homes near Lake Tahoe | U.S. women's soccer players reach an agreement with the sport’s governing body | Columbia becomes the latest Latin American country to decriminalize abortion | Polling finds widespread support for nuclear weapons among South Koreans | Dramatic video captures the moment a Turkish boy falls through a storage hole | A Finnish skier reveals his penis almost froze during an Olympic event

37. February 23, 2022


Ukraine’s government declares a state of emergency | Trump calls Putin’s actions in the region “genius” | A Florida lawmaker introduces legislation that would require schools to out gay children to their parents | Ahmaud Arbery’s murderers are convicted of federal hate crimes | Truth Social begins censoring users | Tucker Carlson opens his show with a defense of Vladimir Putin | A candidate for the PA governor’s race releases a truly insane ad

38. February 24, 2022


Vladimir Putin orders Russian troops into Ukraine | Marjorie Greene advocates for violence against trans people | Greg Abbott orders the TX Department of Family and Protective Services to treat gender-affirming care as child abuse | Governor Abbott floats pardons for officers charged with excessive force against racial justice demonstrators | The former CEO of Texas’ power grid testifies about decisions made during last year’s deadly storm | Video captures a GOP house candidate berating a Florida cop | Candace Owens claims she fired her baby nurse over her choice to wear a mask | Republican rep Greg Stuebe is trolled for his ridiculous gas price photo

39. February 25, 2022


Russian forces advance towards Ukraine’s capital | Joe Biden announces he will nominate Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court | A Columbia University Professor is suspended after posting a creepy racist tweet | An Idaho woman declares she is a “proud white supremacist” during a city council meeting | A GOP Senate candidate declares she has more in common with Putin than with Biden | DNA evidence somewhat exonerates Hank The Tank | Pentagon officials claim the “Nintendo Generation” is at higher risk for injury | Find out who John, Brett, and you (yes, you!) picked as the Garbage Person of the week