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Image Hunter x Hunter: Original Video Animation

Hunter x Hunter: Original Video Animation

Release Date 2002-04-17
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation
Stars Junko Takeuchi, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Yuki Kaida, Hozumi Goda, Hiroki Takahashi
Directors Yoshihiro Togashi, Yoshiyuki Suga, Takuya Hiramitsu, Hiro Kaburagi, Hiro Kaburagi

After reuniting with Gon and his friends, Kurapika explained to them the risks he bears because of his abilities. Believing that his target of revenge is no longer alive and the search for his fallen comrade's eyes could truly begin, Kurapika soon after receives a message informing him that all the Spiders still lived. After much discussion between his friends, Gon, Kurapika and company decided to hunt after the one Spider member who's ability could ultimately result in Kurapika's defeat and death

1. Spider x Corpses x Fake


Kurapika, Gon, Killua and Leorio find out that the Spiders are still alive and that the bodies were fake. The mafia has given up on chasing the Spiders, but Gon and Killua decide to continue to help Kurapika.

2. Friends x Costumes x Hell's Ear


Kurapika explains his abilities to Gon, Killua and Leorio. Then they set out to find the Phantom Troupe. The Troupe decides to stay and find the chain-user after sensing the location of the nen-copied scarlet eyes.

3. Pursuit x Escape x Spiders on the Run


A double chase ensues when the Phantom Troupe notice Gon and Kurapika following from behind while they chase after the nen-copy of the scarlet eyes. Three of the Spiders confront Gon and Kurapika who are hiding in the shadows.

4. Hostage x Insignificant Bugs x Communicated Emotions


Killua swaps with Kurapika just in time - he and Gon are captured by the Phantom Troupe. The Spiders kill Squala and take his memories of Kurapika. Meanwhile, Gon's group ends up at the hotel where Leorio and Senritsu have set up a plan.

5. Report x Darkness x Released Chain


The plan is put into action: The Spider's Boss, Chrollo Lucilfer, is captured by Kurapika. Gon and Killua however, are unable to escape.

6. Dispute x Break-Up x Swinging Fist


Negotiations between Kurapika's team and the Phantom Troupe are initiated to exchange Chrollo for Killua and Gon.

7. Exchange x Revenge x Discipline Chain


The conditions for the exchange are negotiated and Hisoka sees his chance to fullfil his prophecy.

8. Thoughtfulness x Hopelessness x The Spider`s Downfall


Since Chrollo's Nen ability was sealed, Hisoka looses interest in the battle with him and revealed that the tattoo of his spider status was fake. Pakunoda transfers her memories to six Phantom Troupe members and as a result dies for not obeying the chain's rules.