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Image Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island

Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island

Release Date 2003-04-16
Runtime 60 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Animation
Stars Junko Takeuchi, Kanako Mitsuhashi, Akiko Kimura, Hiroki Takahashi, Yuki Kaida
Directors Yoshihiro Togashi, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Takuya Hiramitsu, Toshiya Niidome

After the battle with the Spiders, the search for Ging continues as Gon and Killua decided to once again attempt to purchase the rare game "Greed Island". However, Gon came up with a better plan, which was to volunteer to complete the game for the billionaire who owned it. But some training must be done, as Gon and Killua's abilities are still at a developing stage and "Greed Island" is no simple game for anyone to play with. It is the infamous game that could easily lead to one's death.

1. Auction x Plan x 80 Percent


Kurapica contracts a fever while Killua and Gon go to the auction but they do not buy the Greed Island game instead asking but asking the one bought it if they can play it.

2. Electricity x Aura x Special Attack


Killua and Gon go to train individually for their ultimate technique so they can enter the Greed Island game. Killua manages to use his transformation ability to turn his aura into electricity while Gon develops power combining all of his Nen powers. Kurapica leaves on an airplane.

3. Ren x Trial x Everyone`s Step


Gon and Killua have trained and go to do the "Greed Island player's exam" passing with flying colors. Then they say goodbye to Leorio and go to the castle from where they are able to enter the game. Gon goes first.

4. Start x Spell x Reward Street


Gon finally finds out during the introduction what the save data on the disk Jin left is. Together Killua and Gon take their first steps into Greed Island. They meet a player who sets a "trace-card" on Killua so he can find him later to steal a card from him. Killua and Gon go to a town and get their first cards. During the game they see a man they saw during the "Greed Island player's exam" die from a mysterious bomb.

5. Invitation x List x Rock, Paper, Scissors!


Gon and Killua are invited to join an alliance but decide not to and go on their own. The mistyrious girl follows them. They win their first card in a "Rock, Paper, Scissors" competition. It is card #83, "The Sword of Truth".

6. Take x Taken x Card Hell


Gon and Killua continue playing, but the card they won gets stolen by some more experienced players. Members of the Genei Ryodan start to play the game with their stolen copy.

7. Bandit x Monster x Biscuit


Gon and Killua continue to the city where you can get spell-cards. They meet monsters, bandits and more discovering that in a game like Greed Island they're not very skilled. Biscuit Krueger follows them and watches them getting frustrated with their lack of skill.

8. Training x Raw Ore x Scissor Hands


Gon, Killua and Biscuit (their female trainer) are attacked by Binolt, a bounty hunter. They subdue him and Biscui gives him a chance to live, using him to train the boys during a two week period.