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Image The Haunted Hathaways

The Haunted Hathaways

Release Date 2015-03-05
Runtime 22 minutes
Genres Comedy, Family
Stars Amber Frank, Curtis Harris, Benjamin Flores Jr., Breanna Yde, Ginifer King
Directors Charles Roxburgh

When Michelle Hathaway relocates to New Orleans to open a bakery with her daughters Taylor and Frankie, they quickly learn that life in the “Big Easy” is very different. Unbeknownst to them, their new home is already occupied by a ghost family comprised of jazz musician father Ray Preston and his sons Miles and Louie. After agreeing to live under one roof, they come to care about and rely on one another while driving each other crazy – just like any normal family would. Though leery at first, the Hathaways soon discover how much fun life can be when living with ghosts.

1. Haunted Newbie


Taylor takes a new gymnastics teammate, Meadow, under her wing. When Meadow has a tough time performing, Taylor goes to extreme measures to help her new friend. Miles and Frankie use each other to compete in a spelling bee.

2. Haunted Revenge


Frankie is pranked by her rival, so she wants Louie to assist her with a sly revenge plan. Elsewhere, Taylor's small get-together at the bakery after closing time turns into an out-of-control party.

3. Mostly Ghostly Girl


Louie Preston turns Frankie Hathaway into a half half ghost when something big comes up. Meanwhile, Taylor Hathaway, Michelle Hathaway, Miles Preston and Ray Preston compete against each other.

4. Haunted Heartthrob


Taylor develops a crush on a boy, Scott Tomlinson, at school, but he doesn't feel the same way about her, so Taylor plans a way for her crush to notice her. Meanwhile, Frankie and Meadow MacIntosh seek revenge when they believe Scott ignores Taylor's affections for him.

5. Haunted Besties


Miles acts selfishly, jeopardizing Taylor's new friendship with Meadow; Louie and Frankie move to the tree house to live by their own rules.

6. Haunted Mind Games


Frankie tries to sabotage Taylor's study date with Scott by driving Taylor mindly insane.

7. Haunted Telescope


Louie accidentally breaks Miles' telescope.

8. Haunted Rapper


Louie gets an opportunity to show off his rap skills at a school contest and invites Miles to sing with him.

9. Haunted Thundermans Part 2 (II)


After a super-villain escapes Ghost World on Halloween, the Thundermans head to New Orleans to join forces with the Hathaways and the Prestons to defeat the ghoul. However, saving the day gets complicated when super-powered trick-or-treating, sibling jealousy and teen romance get in the way. The crossover starts on The Thundermans S02E05 Haunted Thundermans Part 1 (I).

10. Haunted Secret


Taylor accidentally hits Meadow in the head while using Madame LaBeuf's staff. when Louie tries to scare off Meadow while earn his ghost scouting badges. Meanwhile, Frankie tries to help Miles cope with Mirabelle leaving for boarding school.

11. Haunted Whodunnit


Frankie's new keyboard is destroyed in the middle of the night, leaving her to become a sleuth in determining who the culprit behind the act could be.

12. Haunted Mascot


Taylor and Meadow let the inchworm get stolen, and they ask for Miles' help.

13. Haunted Charm School


After being blamed for Louie's mess, Frankie is sent to charm school.

14. Haunted Temptation


While in a fight with Scott, Taylor meets an intriguing new boy who happens to be a ghost; Miles helps Taylor decide who she wants as a friend.

15. Haunted Date


After getting to know Miles, Meadow develops a crush on him; Taylor goes to great lengths to protect a secret.

16. Haunted Toy Store


Frankie and Louie plan to sell a valuable doll to a collector, but they run into some unexpected trouble at the toy store.

17. Haunted Mentor


Frankie is suspicious of one of Louie's classmates when she asks Louie to teach her how to be a better ghost.

18. Haunted Ghost Tour


Michelle gets the bakery included on a tour of haunted restaurants, and Louie has to pull off the haunt.

19. Haunted Surprise


Taylor wants to give Meadow a surprise party, but it accidentally gets complicated when Miles throws a wrench into the plan.

20. Haunted Swamp


After failing the test to become a level two ghost, Louie runs away from home and ends up in a dangerous part of Ghost World.

21. Haunted Family


When the ghost council finds out the Prestons have been living alongside humans, the council forces them to make a decision between haunting the Hathaways and leaving home forever.